Legendary De Beers diamonds in everyday jewelry

Dewdrop – the youngest and laconic collection of the brand

The legendary diamond brands – such is the jewelry “child” of the De Beers diamond company – the genre of everyday jewelry is not always easy. A legacy of this scale, shimmering with gleaming stones for tens and hundreds of carats, requires serious creative investment from the design team, which got tiny diamonds weighing tenths and hundredths of a carat. However, they are the salt of the earth, the stones that make the everyday life of most lovers of jewelry a little brighter.

Dewdrop, or dewdrop, is the youngest and most minimalist among the permanent collections of De Beers. The main idea is paired parallel lines of the French diamond pave, on which, creating a rhythm of decoration, stones in a hollow English setting shine a little larger. Pendants, earrings and bracelets are made to appear in your casket as an independent jewelry. But the rings – with the exception of the spectacular engagement solitaires – consist of one line of diamonds “with dewdrops” so that you can put together a complex composition on your fingers to your taste. Most of the new products are made in white and pink gold, but there are variations from the classic yellow.

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