Solid Diamonds: Pasquale Bruni Floral Novelties

Fantasy of a flowerbed in the moonlight

Eugenia Bruni, the heiress and creative director of one of the main Italian jewelry houses – Pasquale Bruni, loves flowers. Most of the jewelry that leaves the workshop in Valenca to shine around the world is a floral fantasy. Minimalism here is based on the shape of a petal, and a golden flower from a carved gem became a cult motive. Most of all, it looks like violet, especially if chalcedony is involved

This iconic Joli collection was updated this summer. Firstly, the flowers were generously studded with diamonds: a veil pavĂ© made of colorless and cognac stones. Secondly, the sentimentality of the flower story was diluted with interesting asymmetry. This time, Eugenia Bruni thought about how the garden changes at night in the bright light of the moon – this is how the allied earrings appeared: one of them symbolizes a bright flower that is trying to reach the moon, the second – pale and falling back. For those who do not like drama, they made monochrome diamond versions.

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