How two Parisians create the latest Boucheron precious legends

Creative Director Claire Schuan and CEO Helen Puli-Ducin talk about routine and inspiration

Ancient jewelry houses are invariably located on an impromptu pedestal of “work that every girl dreams of.” The opportunities for professional growth are tremendous. As a rule, brands with a serious precious legendarium generously share knowledge about gemology, fashion and art history with their employees, even if it is a beginner consultant. Showcases and shops – the tip of the iceberg of any jewelry empire. In order for a precious fairy tale to live, breathe and shimmer with hundreds of carats of diamonds and gems, hundreds of experts retell it in their own language every day. Someone works directly in the workshops, someone draws sketches, someone travels the world in search of precious stones, someone hunts for historical items at auctions. To young but an ambitious fan of the brand could buy a cult pendant at an affordable (within the genre) price, a separate strategy should be devised. An even more complex scheme will need to be developed so that customers who buy items of high jewelry art feel special – for example, finding themselves at a family dinner in an old mansion on Place Vendome.

As a rule, two people are responsible for the general line in the jewelry house – a creative and an executive director. Competent collaboration on the border of pure creativity and a deep understanding of the market and audience leads, as a rule, to good sales and to a prize on the podium of the history of jewelry. One of the brightest alliances today is responsible for the recent history of Boucheron: it is creative director Claire Schuan and CEO Helen Puli-Duchenne. Together they continue the glorious work of Frederick Boucheron. Everyday!“I understand very well how amazing my work is, how amazing my team is,” Claire begins to talk about everyday affairs. – The final result of each decision made must be consistent with the Boucheron legend. This is a huge responsibility and tremendous work when it comes to religious jewelry, a permanent collection, not to mention all the nuances of haute joaillerie. Helene and I have to spend a lot of time together already at the stage of concept development. And this is wonderful! ”The last phrase sounds sincere, it does not contain a single hint of corporate politeness. Before me are two legendary professionals who understand each other well. Typical rivalry between the creator and the marketer does not smell here: the strong artist who understands the needs of the audience and the talented manager

“What am I doing every day? That’s it every day? – Helen thinks. “I listen to what my colleagues say.” Not only Claire, no matter how strange it sounds! ”Both laugh. “Yes, she says a lot, especially when I came up with something amazing, and I’m ready to listen to her forever. But there is not only design and jewelry. Boucheron is also knowledge, service and atmosphere. Yes, every day I listen to the words and letters of my colleagues. We need to open beautiful shops, make vibrant exhibitions, and shine on social networks. And I always rely on cooperation, collect arguments. Yes, I have to make many important decisions, but I always try to negotiate and listen. ”All the striking events of Boucheron in recent years are the result of intense but gentle changes. It is known that Helen Puli-Duchenne came to the company with a plan for five to ten years. The longitudinal approach has been tested in practice: she has sixteen years in the field of global marketing Cartier. But today, Helen is also building a legend. In the literal sense: she is clearly especially dear to the project for the rebirth of the Boucheron mansion. Almost under the roof we are talking. It was from the opening of the jewelry store in the Hôtel de Nocé that the legend began not only of the House itself, but of Parisian high jewelry art in general – the legend of Place Vendôme, the square of jewelers. Claire Shuang eagerly and unbanally developed the theme of the place of power and the surrounding city in this year’s haute joaillerie collection. When you understand that flights of stairs have turned into a necklace with an optical illusion, it is breathtaking. These two directors clearly found the secret of a special trust in each other’s instincts.

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