Star patterns in the new Garrard collection

It is difficult to believe in this, but the beauty standards, which are usually called traditional, are about to return to fashion. For example, the final dresses at the show of the Balenciaga collection for the upcoming spring looked very, very promising . Expensive jewels over the past five years have practically not left the field of classical solutions. What could be the analogue of “return to the roots” for a genre that requires an abundance of diamonds? That’s right, a curtsy to the past, verified at the level of the high-budget period drama.

A good example is the new Garrard collection, dedicated to one of the brand’s most notable fans, Queen Alexandre of Denmark, wife of Edward VII. It was for her, by the way, that the legendary British royal tiara was madein the shape of a kokoshnik. This time, the artists of the brand were not worried about the Russian style, but the legacy of the American and British jeweler school belle epoque, Edwardian diamond lace. Very ornamental, not floral-lyrical, like the previous trend – garland flowers and ribbons. In combination with modern and fashionable cocktail and evening dresses, such things do not seem old-fashioned. The combination of patterned lavalier necklaces and massive star-shaped earrings with a silk trouser suit looks both noble and original. The name of the collection is Muse, the muse. We believe that Garrard are going to add other things to her later, inspired, obviously, by archival and historical jewels. And other crowned British!

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