Mineral Additive: New Pomellato Collection

Two years ago, for the first time in a long time, Pomellato turned gems into gold with pronounced mineral textures, the so-called “ornamental” stones, the pattern of which always contrasted with the classic jewelry gloss and was an obvious sign of miraculous beauty. Then the cabochons were inserted into classic recognizable forms, and success was not long in coming. Last week, the light saw the collection of Armonie Minerali – a union of simple gold shapes and complex combinations of colors and textures. Starring, it seems, all varieties of the ubiquitous quartz (from agate to jasper), malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, chrysocolla, rhodonite, amazonite and rhodochrosite. The dark gamut is devoted to graphics and narrative art, the monochromatic bright stones are dedicated to the post-war Italian design, and the patterned cabochons are a tribute to everything hypnotic in modern art.

The “belt” on each composition is made either of gold with diamonds, or of titanium, tinted to match the stones of veil inlay. In most jewelry, this detail contrasts with the cabochons of stones, but there are several instances where beauty is hidden in a synergy of close shades. Now among the new products – only rings of white or yellow gold. They promise that there will be pendants – to the delight of lovers of amulets. Commentary by creative director of the brand Vincenzo Castaldo balances on the verge of philosophy and lyrics: “The circle is complete, but the search for beauty is endless.

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