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Among the most intense moments of our lives comes, that moment is when we give an engagement ring away, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll say yes, how much does it cost? The option of engagement rings isn’t a typical process. It depends on several factors. Or do you already know what you want to buy 2 carat diamond ring, it remains only to choose which one.

The first thing we have to take into consideration is how much we want to invest because depending upon the budget. We could choose some metals and stones or others.

Once decided on this point, you have to consider the personality of your partner and their habits of life, if it is complicated or simple, if they usually wear jewelry, their way of dressing, their hands


We will need to know if after the wedding she will want to continue wearing the ring and how often, this will influence a lot on the design of the ring, if she’s going to wear it every day, it won’t be convenient a ring with a diamond that protrudes too much, since it would hit her. She could get hooked while performing daily tasks. In this case, a ring that is complete or a half ring would be beautiful.

Half a white gold and diamond wedding ring Full gold and diamond wedding ring

For widespread use, it is ubiquitous to have a ring that matches the wedding ring, in its color, finish and metal.

wedding ring

Focusing on the engagement ring, the first thing we can select is the rock, even though it’ll always be a diamond, it could be zirconia, which is much cheaper or even a combination of several stones. Based on this, we’ll choose the metal and color, the most common is yellow gold or white gold, with white being the most visible now.

Also, this type of engagement ring is prevalent, it consists of a ring with a row of stones in its upper half, it’s the most appropriate for everyday use, the holding of the stones is accomplished utilizing a setting in rail or bevel.

The stones are embedded into the metal, which makes the hold excellent, withstanding all the friction and shock that may occur when wearing the ring every day.

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